About us

I invite you to a world full of yarns and hearts that we put into everything we create. We offer a wide range of home decoration items and children’s mascots. We make everything for you with precision and diligence. We give a piece of ourselves – our time, energy and a piece of heart to the objects and toys we make.

“Szydełkiem malowane” was created for joyful children’s fun. We want our products to become an excuse to be together. This recipe passed the exam in our case. Long ago, together, we sewed doll and bear clothes, now we make items together for you … “Szydełkiem malowane” make up mother and her adult daughter. Our stuffed animals are one of a kind – crochet eye by eye. Sometimes we have different ideas, but that’s what makes us make unique products. We get involved very much, despite the fact that we only have a second job and a limited amount of time. The daily motivator of our action is not money, but the children’s joy and satisfaction of the donor.

Nasze szydełkowe produkty posiadają Certyfikat Rękodzieła Wydany przez Ogólnopolski Cech Rzemieślników Artystów.
Można nas znaleźć na liście Certyfikowanych Twórców Rękodzieła.