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An invitation to our world !!


My name is Kasia and together with my mother I create our crochet world. In the tab about us you will get a lot of information. In short, creating mascots and crochet ornaments gives us a lot of joy and satisfaction. We work full time and our hobby is not only our way of life. It allows us to take a break from the surrounding reality and make children’s dreams come true.

Mother creates everything – from teddy bears to Christmas decorations, napkins, drapes and tablecloths. She is a master at what she does. I create mascots, and above all I love bears with their beautiful mouths and eye-catching eyes. Most of the designs are from my own design. Most have not been written yet. But I want to do it soon. Looking at the mascot in the picture I can make it crochet

Since the soft yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby appeared in my hands – I fell in love with it right away and started creating cuddly mascots.

I don’t sleep through it sometimes. Sometimes I forget that I was supposed to hang the laundry and that the dust was too much. But when I look at them, I forgive everything. Finally, someone is waiting for them.

… that’s how it is, it’s my old-fashioned crocheting … I can’t live without it anymore. This is my option of touching the clouds and flying – flying away, a way for bad days and everyday life. It is a great opportunity to add climate to everything around you. Oh yes – I catch the most beautiful moments and try to make those less beautiful also such … I am quietly counting on the fact that everyone who is endowed with a handicraft will feel that something more than just a toy goes to his hands.

My kitty Lila helps me in all work 🙂

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