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An invitation to our world !!


My name is Kasia and together with my mother I create our crochet world. In the tab about us you will get a lot of information. In short, creating mascots and crochet ornaments gives us a lot of joy and satisfaction. We work full time and our hobby is not only our way of life. It allows us to take a break from the surrounding reality and make children’s dreams come true.

Mother creates everything – from teddy bears to Christmas decorations, napkins, drapes and tablecloths. She is a master at what she does. I create mascots, and above all I love bears with their beautiful mouths and eye-catching eyes. Most of the designs are from my own design. Most have not been written yet. But I want to do it soon. Looking at the mascot in the picture I can make it crochet

Since the soft yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby appeared in my hands – I fell in love with it right away and started creating cuddly mascots.

I don’t sleep through it sometimes. Sometimes I forget that I was supposed to hang the laundry and that the dust was too much. But when I look at them, I forgive everything. Finally, someone is waiting for them.

… that’s how it is, it’s my old-fashioned crocheting … I can’t live without it anymore. This is my option of touching the clouds and flying – flying away, a way for bad days and everyday life. It is a great opportunity to add climate to everything around you. Oh yes – I catch the most beautiful moments and try to make those less beautiful also such … I am quietly counting on the fact that everyone who is endowed with a handicraft will feel that something more than just a toy goes to his hands.

My kitty Lila helps me in all work 🙂

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Bear “Usztek” – my love!

It all started with him !! This is the culprit of my love for handicrafts.

Exactly February 28, 2017, I decided to make a teddy bear. Until now, my mother made stars, angels, crochet baubles for Christmas. At Easter, she crocheted chickens, baskets, eggs, etc. She made many tablecloths, tablecloths, curtains. Everything in my free time. My person made a few stars, napkins and Christmas balls. They seemed less careful than the perfect mother. I decided that it would be difficult to match the Queen. Still, I enjoyed her tremendous talent. I was hoping that in my case it was just a matter of practice. The ground is to believe in your strength.

One day I was browsing an article about handicrafts. I saw a teddy bear sewn in a tulle dress. I went to the haberdashery and bought a brown yarn for Bear. I ordered eyes and nose and filling through the internet. After work, I found a crochet hook and got to work. I crocheted all afternoon until 23. I had all the parts except feet and legs. Reason told me to go to sleep, even though my heart was saying – crochet. At work, I couldn’t wait all day to pick up the crochet hook again. By 20 all parts were already done. I sewed the teddy bear and found that he would be cold without clothes. I found a blue thread and started to knit. To make it more attractive I made a beautiful bow under my head. After fixing it, I fell in love with him and found that this occupation gives me great joy. I looked at my watch 00:40. At the moment, time meant nothing. I set the alarm clock at 06:00 and fell in love with Teddy bear to sleep.

Everyone who saw Teddy was delighted 🙂 Each subsequent mascot acts on me like a drug. I crochet stubbornly until I finish the smallest detail. Although it is a very labor-intensive occupation, I love to do it!

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